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Direct COnnect Medical, Web Based Paperless forms, FAQ

No More Paper Forms for OASIS and Communication Notes
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Connect Medical?

Direct Connect Medical is simple Point of Care System design for Home Health agencies that primarily bill through Medicare. Our system consists of commonly used and Medicare required forms which have been converted from hard copy paper to electronic web based forms. This allows nurses in the field to complete daily paperwork while in the field and submit to the home agency location without having to physically drive to the office. Direct Connect Medical is NOT a full featured Home Health Agency management system. It is designed to compliment your existing system with simple to use and affordable Point of Care.

Is Direct Connect Medical secure and HIPAA compliant?

YES. Direct Connect Medical operates within a highly secure infrustructure on one of the world’s most secure data centers using Premium SSL 256 bit encryption technology. All transmissions are prive and secure and exceed HIPAA requirements.

What forms are included in the Direct Connect Medical System?

What forms are included in the Direct Connect Medical System? Currenly, we offer the forms listed below. We are constanly striving to improve our system with new forms and enhancements with every system upgrade. If you do not see a form your agency uses, please contact us regarding system customizations at

            Start of Care
            Resumption of Care                 
            Follow Up Recertification        
            Follow Up Other Assessment  
Transfer to an Inpatient Facility – Patient Not Discharged form Agency
            Transfer to an Inpatient Facility – Patient Discharged form Agency
            Discharge form Agency
            Death at Home
Skilled Nursing Note
Medication Profile
Braden Scale Form
Home Health Aide Note
Communication Note
Missed Visit Note
Post-Hospital Order
Supervisory Report

We have a form that is not on DCM. Can it be added?

Yes, at additional cost. When you request a new form be added to Direct Connect Medical, we will estimate the work required and provide you a cost estimate.

What are the system requirements to use Direct Connect Medical?

Internet Connection PC, Mac, Netbook, Laptop or iPad Internet Explorer – version 8 or higher Firefox - version 3 or higher Safari – version 5 or higher Adobe Acrobet Reader

Do we need to install any software on our computers to use Direct Connect Medical?

No. Direct Connect medical is a web-based software solution, which can be accessed by any computer with internet access and a web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer).

Will the online forms in Direct Connect Medical interface with my billing software?

No. You will need to continue to enter information into your billing software as you do today.

Our existing paper forms have some different fields. Can we request a change to the DCM forms?

You can submit change requests to existing forms, and we will evaluate the change to see if it is something that will be of benefit to the entire user community. If we determine that everyone would benefit from the change, we will add it as a regular enhancement at the time of our next upgrade at no additional charge. If it is determined to be something specific to your agency, we will discuss it with you as a customization that you would pay an additional charge to implement.

Is there a limit to how many people from the agency can access Direct Connect Medical?

No. With your annual subscription, an unlimited number of users from your agency can use Direct Connect Medical.

What does the monthly / annual subscription fee cover?

Your annual subscription fee includes:
- One hour of online training to get your agency
  up and running on the software
- Online training materials
- Access to all of the standard forms and application functionality
-- Online Customer Service Support

What kind of messages can be sent within the system?

Direct Connect Medical has an internal messaging system, enabling communication between office staff and field clinicians. Some messages are automatically generated (e.g., when a form has been completed and submitted), while others can be sent as needed (e.g., to request a nurse to make a form change).

Do I need to be connected to the internet in order to use Direct Connect Medical?

Yes. Since Direct Connect medical is a web-based software solution, anyone accessing the software must be connected to the internet in order to use it.

Support Help

What if i cant find the answer to my question?

Please send us your question and we will do our best to get back with you within 48 hrs.

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